Friday, February 24, 2017

Old Dresser Turned Farmhouse Chic

Hello and happy Friday friends!  I got hit with a super icky cold this week which has been SO not fun.  I hope to get some good rest in this weekend and finally kick this nasty thing!

When I shared our Master Bedroom Makeover with you all last November I promised that I would share the tutorials for the many DIYs that went into this room.  I just never promised when haha.  It's taken a few months but today I am finally sharing the last one which is our dresser makeover!

Supplies Used: (Affiliate links may be provided for convenience.  For more info, see my full disclosure here.) 
I didn't get a good before picture of the dresser but you can see it in this picture of our room prior to the makeover.  (You can't miss it--it's the big dark beast looming on the wall!)

I used to just hand sand anything I painted because most of my projects prior to this have been small.  But since this dresser is pretty big I decided to break down and finally buy an electric sander.   And I must admit that after using this gem I won't ever go back to hand sanding furniture again!

I got this one by Black and Decker and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works despite the low price!  It took a task that I used to find daunting into something that gets done quickly and easily.

This is what it looked like after I sanded it down.  I was still trying to get used to using my new sander so I missed a few spots but it was okay since I was going to be using chalk paint and distressing it.

I talked about how I made my DIY Chalk Paint awhile back.  I simply mix up:
Here is what the dresser looked like after the first coat.  I used my small foam roller on the larger areas and then went back with a brush on the tighter spots that the roller couldn't reach.

(see that drip??!  Don't worry I got it after taking this picture haha)

I ended up doing a total of 3 coats.  This is how the drawers looked after the third coat.

I lightly hand sanded with some medium grid sandpaper between coats to get a smooth finish. 
The detachable mirror has a really pretty but intricate design at the top and since getting in all of those little spots would be annoying with a brush, I decided to spray paint it.  I used painter's tape to attach a garbage bag to the mirror.  This prevented most of the paint from hitting the mirror and in the few spots that it did I was able to wipe away with some acetone.

I first just used some flat white spray paint but it didn't match the dresser like I had hoped.  Then I found this Chalky Spraypaint by Krylon and it was perfect!

After my paint had dried I went back with the sandpaper and distressed both the dresser and the drawers which is definitely the most fun part!

And finally I gave everything a coat of my favorite wax--Chalky Clear Sealing Wax which both protects it and gives it the perfect amount of sheen.

This is how it turned out!

I am really glad that I decided to distress it.  It gives it such nice character and really helps achieve the farmhouse feel I was going for in this room.

And it is absolutely amazing how much bigger the room feels! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Thanks for stopping by today :)
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