Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Our Fixer Upper Progress

Hello and happy Wednesday! You Tristan started kindergarten today!! It's so hard to believe that this day is already here. I felt like it arrived so quickly and I wasn't ready at all!  He was beyond excited for it though and I can't wait to hear all about how his first day went.

Today I wanted to do a quick progress update on our fixer upper.  Our new home officially became ours about 2 and a half months ago and we've been living in it for almost two months.

If we lived on an HGTV episode, all of our renovations would probably be close to wrapping up.  However, we're doing almost everything ourselves and also have busy lives to live outside of home renovations hasn't quite worked out like that!

And that's totally okay.  We're taking things on as time and our budget allows and we don't have a solid timeline of when things are going to be done.  But I'm going to be honest with you guys, it's been A LOT  harder than I anticipated it would be to live in a "work in progress."

Like really hard.  So as I was brainstorming ways to keep my sanity somewhat in tact, I came up with a brilliant idea which was to forget about wall treatments for now and just paint all of the walls!

I want to eventually install board and batten and shiplap so I was putting off painting any walls until I did so.  Which left us living in a beautiful mixture of strange paint colors, primer and sample swatches.

As proof, please see exhibit below.

 Ignore the mess on the floor that was a result of the flood that happened right after we moved in that you can ready about here.

I finally had enough. I wasn't sure if it would make a big difference...but you guys, it did!

You may recall that our front room used to have a color that was just a tad lighter than guacamole on the walls.

After a coat of primer and Sherwin Willimas Basalt Powder it now looks like this!

Oh and the staircase banister got new paint too!  I chose Behr Ultra Pure White and even though it has been a TOTAL pain in the butt to paint, I am so happy with the new look.  I will share a full tutorial on the process soon, but here is how it used to look as you first walked in:

And here we are today with the white banister surrounded by the newly painted walls.

Despite the nasty carpet and the outdated doors it's so much better than it was, right?!  The hubby also finally installed my wood and iron chandelier by the front door and I'm obsessed with it.

The only major changes in the kitchen/dining area are the fancy new appliances and the popcorn-free ceiling, but I consider both to be great steps forward!

We also installed the same wood orb chandelier that we had in our previous home over the dining room table which helped it feel a little more like home.

The living room still has a long way to go, but the new paint makes it feel a lot brighter and more open than it was.

I also painted the upstairs hallway and playroom that I will share after I get them a little more put together.  After being stuck in a slump for a few weeks I finally feel like we're starting to get somewhere!

 Monday the tile guy should be out to install the floor in the powder room.  Once that's in I should be able to pick up on that makeover that I mentioned...oh you know about a month and a half ago!

Thank you so much for dropping by today and letting me vent and brag about this wild journey of ours.  I will be back next week!

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