Thursday, April 20, 2017

One Room Challenge (Week 3): The Halfway Point!

Hello and welcome to the week 3 update for the One Room Challenge! In case you missed the last few posts you can catch up here:

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So just as the boys' started recovering from croup and ear infections they came down with a tummy bug (whomp whomp...) over the weekend and the hubby and I were both fortunate enough to start coming down with it on Tuesday.  It's been fun times at our house this week...

Before this crud hit me though I did get quite a bit accomplished even though we were super busy with our Easter plans. On Saturday I got all of the shiplap grooves caulked. 

This is actually the first time that I've started with caulking. I usually start with paint, follow with caulk and then have to do one more coat of paint over the caulk. 

It's safe to say that I'll be doing it this way from now on!  For one, it's so much easier to wipe off the excess because you can actually see it on the unfinished wood. And two, I am hoping that it helps prevent the caulk from cracking like it has on my other shiplap walls.

I also tried using this caulk  which says that it is crack proof and designed to flex so here's to hoping that with those things considered my caulk stays crack free!

DAP Alex Flex Premium
(affiliate link)
I let the caulk dry and then on Sunday once our brunch madness was over and the boys were napping I painted three coats of paint.  I only needed to paint the grooves with a brush once and then just used the roller for the other two coats.  Another pro of having that caulk go in there first!

It is truly amazing how much brighter and bigger the bathroom started to feel with the shiplap finally being white!

It helped remind me of what I was trying to achieve, because to be honest with you guys after staring at tools scattered everywhere and pine on the walls for over a week I was starting to feel a little discouraged about this whole crazy idea of renovating our bathroom.  It's nice when you reach that point where you can start to see the end result.

Tristan helped with the third coat when he woke up from his nap.

I also got the corner molding and the top trim attached.

Oh and the toilet paper holder is finally up!

I was SOOO stinking excited to finally get that installed and still can't get over how cute it is.  I never thought I would be calling a toilet paper holder cute--but it is! I found it on Amazon here (affiliate link).

I ran out of 1x3 MDF so I wasn't able to get the trim on the last wall so once that is done I can officially call the shiplap done.

WELL--except for these little spots next to the shower and between the doors...

I actually had not planned on adding it to these spots out of pure laziness, but  I have decided that if I don't it will drive me batty until the end of time.

This weekend is what I have been most excited for because I am installing our floors!  I'm using peel and stick vinyl flooring just like I did in the boys' bathroom.  I love these because they are cheap, easy and look like real wood to me.  So hopefully next week I have some pretty floor pictures to share with you all!  For now this teaser pic will have to do :)

I also have the bathroom counter d├ęcor pretty much planned out and I shared my ideas for Decorating a Vanity yesterday.

And because I love to look back at what we started with to keep me motivated here is how the bathroom looked just a few weeks ago...

And this is how it is looking today!

I am feeling pretty good about where I am at for the halfway point and I'm getting so excited to see it all come together.  Be sure to swing by the linkup and check out how the other participants are doing here!

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