Friday, November 14, 2014

Painted Vases

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm going to share a super quick and easy project. Vases in all sorts of unique shapes can be found at thrift stores and the dollar store but they are usually very plain.

I had a few sitting on the glass shelves next to our TV and decided to spruce them a up a little.

Here is a vase that I found at the Dollar Tree.

You can use any kind of paint, the cheapest is acrylic paint that can be found in any color you want for $1 at the craft store. I have a bunch of white paint on hand so that's what I used for this vase.

Pour a good amount of paint in your vase (I find that a couple of inches at the bottom is usually perfect).

Then you just tilt and pour! Rotate the vase as you are pouring, to ensure that you are getting total coverage.

I only allow the paint to pour out of one side, so I am only left with one area of the rim that needs to be cleaned up. A swipe with a paper towel works perfectly.

If you plan on filling the vase you don't even really need to do this step since it will be covered.

And if you accidently get some on the outside of the vase (which I of course have never done haha.....) then you can easily wipe it off while wet or scrap it once dried.

And once you allow the paint inside to dry you are left with a beautiful vase!

I also created a really pretty one with an interesting paint combination that I came up with. As I mentioned before, it took me 5 coats of paint while I was painting my entry table before I was really happy. Well the color that it finally ended up being, I actually thought was too light at first. So I mixed in some of the espresso left over from the cabinets and when it dried on the wood it looked very very purple! It didn't work for the table but on the other side of the glass in this vase--I just love it :)

I just love this project, it's so easy and can easily be done for just $2 a vase, less if you already have the paint.

And they add so much character to any space!

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  1. That's really cool! Love the great mod look of the vases! Takes them from drab to fab! Thanks so much for linking up at Friday's Unfolded!


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