Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Simple Winter Wreath

After all of the Christmas decorations come down the house sometimes feels a little empty! Especially a bare door that used to be decked with a cheerful wreath.

I love making wreaths that are special to a season. Each time we enter a new season I will pull out last year's edition and change it up a little--either by changing out the ribbon or the decorations.

This year I haven't changed my winter wreath because I'm so happy with the simplistic and cozy feel of the one that I made last year.

You can find all sort of wreaths at the craft store, but my favorite wreaths to use are the grapevine wreaths. Hobby Lobby sells them in multiple sizes and even without using their 40% off mobile coupon, they are only a couple of dollars.


I'm totally obsessed with the natural feel that they have...even if they are a little messy to work with!

I love these berry stems, they're so pretty and wintery!

I also glued on a couple of baby pinecones that the hubby and I picked up one year while hiking on vacation.

You'll also notice these little guys peeking out at you!

I also found these at Hobby Lobby, you can get a pack of three for only $5.99. They're so detailed and charming!


It hangs on the back of our door that goes to the garage. It makes me happy to see it everytime I walk out of the house.

I think I might add a little bit of burlap ribbon to it this year and I should probably do something about the bow, but other than that this is one of my favorite wreaths :)

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