Monday, February 9, 2015

Back from Vegas!

Happy Monday everyone--I'm baaaaack!! Well we actually got back last Wednesday. I know I said I would share some pics on Thursday, but I ended up bringing home a super nasty cold. So needless to say, I was down for the count for a few days.

This was my fourth time to Vegas and one thing I've learned is that it is practically impossible to not come back totally exhausted. Even if you intend on getting in some good zzzz's while you're there, there's something about all of the crazy lights, atmosphere and 24/7 excitement that just doesn't allow this to happen!

Today I'm going to take a break from the norm and share some of my favorite pictures from the trip. I didn't want to lug my DSLR out there, but I think my little Sony did a pretty good job of capturing our amazing, fun, exciting and much needed trip.

We stayed in a room courtesy of my brother in law, but since they weren't arriving until 10:00PM and we got there at 7:15AM, we booked a room via for our first night so that we could get in a nap.

If you've never used this site, you totally should! You can get rooms for much cheaper than they normally go for, and you don't know where you're booking until you pay so it's always a fun surprise. We ended up getting the Flamingo. A totally cool hotel that we probably never would have picked on our own!

They have a large, beautiful outdoor wildlife area that's fun to walk through.

And two GIANT flamingos at one of the side entrances. Since I've only ever seen this hotel from the strip, this was my first time seeing them. As you can tell in this picture I was pretty stoked haha!

And the hallways in this hotel were probably the longest I've ever seen! This picture barely captures what they were like in person and I was soooo thankful that we didn't have a room at the end!

This is in front of the pirate ship at Treasure Island. They do a really cool show at night but it's seasonal so we didn't get to see it this time.

Day 2 and we already look exhausted! I'm telling you, no time to rest!

This is hands down my favorite scenic shot I've ever taken in Vegas. One evening we decided to save on a cab fare and walked all the way from the Stratosphere (where my sister-in-law and her husband were staying) to Harrah's. And though it was utterly exhausting we enjoyed some gorgeous sunset views.

The hubby and I have never gone to any clubs on our prior trips, so I put that on the to-do list this time and I'm so glad I did. If any of you are interested, I found an awesome club promoter that signs you up on the VIP guest list for a number of clubs, and it's totally free--no catch! You avoid the long lines and the ridiculous cover prices. Just shoot me an email if you want details.

This was taken at the Venetian, before we went to TAO which ended up being my favorite club I've ever been to. The atmosphere was so awesome and we had so much fun that night!

This is the view from the balcony inside TAO.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday, which we watched at the Stratosphere with the rest of the group. Instead of trekking down the strip again, we splurged for a monorail ticket. At the top of the station there was an amazing view of the mountains.

And an up-close view of the new High Roller, which is the world's largest observation wheel. Definitely putting this one on our to-do list next time!

And because you can't go to the Statosphere without taking a selfie from the top of the tower...

Before asking a nice person to take a picture in front of the amazing view!

After the Super Bowl we went to Club XS at Encore.

Where Lil Jon was at the DJ booth! Yea yea the picture isn't too great--but I swear it's him haha. That was soooo much fun :)

Of course we did squeeze in some sightseeing. This was taken outside of Caesar’s Palace, another one of my favorite places.

This was the last day there. Man I look tired! The hubby must have been as well, since he couldn't hold the camera at a straight angle haha.

Thanks for letting me brag about our trip! I miss it already, but it's time to get back to the real world.

This weekend I finished up a project that's super simple but has taken me about a month to finish. I'll share it on Wednesday--until then I hope everyone has a fantastic start to the week!

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