Wednesday, February 25, 2015

IKEA Rast Nightstand Hack

***update--see the second makeover here***

It seems like almost everyone in blogland has tried their hand at the IKEA Rast hack, and since we were in desperate need of actual nightstands I decided that I absolutely needed to get some.

For starters, you can't beat the price at only $35. And since it comes in unfinished pine, you can totally customize it to look any way you want. The possibilities are endless!

One word of caution on these though--your car will smell like pine for a very long time! I got them last Friday and the smell is still lingering in my car. In my opinion it's not a bad smell, but it's pretty crazy at how potent these little things are.

Also, according to the hubby these were not easy to assemble. But he's my hero and he fought and struggled half of Saturday morning to get these ready for me to have fun with:)

Here's the hero in action.

The first thing I did was fill the predrilled holes since I just wanted one pretty knob in the center as opposed to the two wooden ones that came in the box.

I used my trusty nail hole filler but completely didn't even think about the fact that this wouldn't take wood stain. Whoops! So you can still kind of see them, but I'll eventually go back over with wood filler and re-stain. Keyword eventually haha. It's not enough to really bother me for now.

Next, I applied one coat of Zinsser primer with a foam roller to the outside.

I lightly sanded before applying my first coat of paint. As you can see, there was a mini blizzard begining outside during all of this :)

It took me three coats of paint to fully cover up the pine. I'm also using a really cheap paint, so it may take only two with a higher quality paint.

I plan on doing a white board and batten feature wall behind the bed, so I knew that I didn't want the whole thing to be white. I decided to attempt a weathered wood on the drawers by following Alicia's tutorial that can be found here.

The first step was to whitewash the wood. I created a watered down paint mixture in a cup and applied two coats.

This picture shows what it looked like at each step.

I used a foam brush to quickly apply a dark stain. I used Miniwax Provincial like Alicia did.

I didn't let it sit, I immediately wiped it off with a rag.

And I ended up with the most beautiful shade of wood. I'm so in love!

To finish it up, I painted some lattice pieces white and used them to trim the drawers. I also applied one coat of Polycrylic over the entire thing and installed some cute nickel knobs.

And now we have actual nightstands--I can hardly believe it!

Isn't this wood color gorgeous? Sorry, I can't get over it! I know, I know--I get crazy excited over the little things.

We used to just have some cheap fiberwood storage cubes. They were super dark and had no storage what so ever. You can kind of see them in this old pic.

It's nuts that even though these are twice the size as the old stands, they make the room feel so much bigger just because they are light in color.

Now I'm super pumped to get started on the feature wall and I've even decided that the bedframe needs to go. I've been oogling over tufted headboards and I think I finally have the guts to attempt DIYing one.

I have big plans for this room, peeps! Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday and stay warm wherever you are. We are expecting more snow today so I'll be avoiding the outdoors as much as I can!

UPDATE!!  I gave these a second makeover and they now look like this!  Tutorial found here.

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  1. Love it! Now I want to do one. Oh how I miss having an Ikea right down the street.

    1. Having one so close to my house can either be a blessing or a curse, that place can get me in trouble haha!

  2. Lovely! You did an amazing job! Great idea about using one knob! Enjoy the rest of your week! ~ Christine @ Cherishing a Sweet Life

    1. Thanks Christine! I think it looks much fancier with just the one :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I'm getting ready to move into a new apt and looking for decorating ideas! Your style is right up my alley so I'll definitely be trying this out!!!

    1. Thank you! The price on this piece is hard to pass up :)

  4. This is gorgeous! And I'm right there with ya on the color of the wood... Love! It really turned out beautifully. Definitely makes my desire for a trip to IKEA even stronger. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week's issue.

    1. Thanks Mel! And thanks for the feature, a true honor :)

  5. I love this update! It looks great, and I'll be thinking of this on my next trip to IKEA. Thanks for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday. Be sure to stop by again this week...the party is going on now!

    1. Thanks Christie! I love how this piece can be used so many different ways, I'm sure you'll find something amazing to do with it :)

  6. I love this hack!!! We also bought the fast a few months ago, and painted the entire dresser white, but stained the top. I almost like how you stained the drawers a little more though!!! Great job!

  7. Thank you Rachel! I went back and forth before deciding because I do love the look of the top being different too!

  8. I love your Ikea Hack. I have seen these done many ways, and yours is one of my favorites. I also love the master bedroom. Makes me realize I need to finish mine!

    1. Thanks Kati, that really puts a smile on my face! I still have quite a few plans for the master bedroom, it's a lot of work isn't it? Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. Hey there great job, love look of your IKEA hack night stands. I can hardly wait til we go to San Diego in later June for oldest sons wedding (2nd one). Have never been in an IKEA store. Feel sure I might go little crazy.
      We now live on western slope of Rockies a few miles west of Grand Junction,, CO. When we lived in SD IKEA wasn't in S.D. yet. Looking online is just not enuf. Since we lived in SD we've moved to MT, then KY and now here in CO. Our area is kinda bare of the good stores,lol.
      Your room looks very snazzy with your night stands, enjoy.

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