Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm Back! And with Big Plans!

Happy Monday! I hope you're nice and warm wherever you are. We are getting slammed with snow here in Colorado and I'm so ready for Spring!

I ended up taking a little break last week from the blog. Ever feel like you've just hit a major creative block? That was me last week. I was unmotivated, discouraged and all together lost. But I used the time to brainstorm and pick myself back up. I did a lot of browsing in blogland (this is totally a word, spellcheck!) and now I have more ideas than ever!

Today I want to share a couple of the bigger ones.

On the top of the list is getting rid of our glass display case in the dining room. I bought it shortly after we got married so that we would have somewhere to showcase all of our wedding memorabilia.

But that was before this little stink came around!

Don't let that innocent (and adorable) look on his face fool you! He is a certified troublemaker. One of his favorite things to do is to bang his little fists on the glass and it absolutely terrifies me. Oh and please exuse the grimy toddler prints on the table, it's a never ending battle.

So I've decided that it's going on Craigslist and getting replaced with some awesome floating shelves like these that Whitney at Shanty 2 Chic made.

I can't decide if I want stained gray or white. Obviously white is my go-to color but lately I've really found myself liking natural wood. Hmmmm--decisions, decisions...

Then there's our fireplace. When I look at our living room this is the only thing that really bothers me. The tile surround is very blah and it doesn't have a real mantle. We put up a shelf but it's still a big thorn in my side.

I found this tutorial of a really simple (and cheap!) way to build a mantle. I was way impressed with what Deb at Seeking Lavender Lane created! She made it look so easy, yet it turned out perfectly.

I also love the batten style look of this one, which also seems like it would be pretty eay to DIY. (Of course I say that now...)

And then there's our kitchen. Oh boy the kitchen. You can see the before pictures here. I worked my butt off painting the cabinets espresso but every time I see a picture of white cabinets I kick myself. They are so cheery, bright, clean...and everything I want in our kitchen! I've tried to live with the espresso but I've come to the conclusion that I just can't. So I'm going to be painting them again :)

It also kind of bothers me that there's this one lonely set of cabinets on this wall. I've always thought that shelving would look better here.

I love what Allie at Proverbs 31 Girl did in her kitchen. She created open shelving by taking the cabinet doors off and putting up beadboard wallpaper. Genius and beautiful--right?

I also want to fix our staircase gallery wall. I took the cheap route by spray painting a bunch of dollar store picture frames.

But now that I realize how often we look at this wall, I really want to invest more by getting chunkier frames with mattes so that it looks more like this.

By the way--did you know how difficult it is to create a perfect diagonal layout on a staircase gallery wall? It took me about a week haha!

If you're still with me, I must thank you for listening to my random babblings. You all deserve a cookie! Can you tell I've been a little stir crazy this past week?

I created a list in my phone to keep my ideas all in one place, and these are just 4 of the 25 that I have so far. I definitely have enough to keep me busy for a while.

I'll be back on Wednesday to share a project that took me the whole weekend to finish but I'm pretty darn of. Stay tuned :)

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