Monday, March 16, 2015

Favorites from the St. Patrick's Day Parade!


Happy Monday!! We had such a busy yet fun weekend. As promised, I'm going to take a break from the norm today to share a few of my favorite pictures from the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Denver hosts an annual St. Patrick's Day parade on the streets of downtown. Last year was our first time going, but it was overcast and cold! My poor little Tristan was only 6 months old so he didn't know what was going on and ended up sleeping through most of it.

We took the train to avoid the headache and cost of parking and were suuuuper nervous about how little man was going to do. This was taken while we were waiting for the "choo-choo" to come. I kept telling him that it was coming and he kept giving me this look.

Once we were on the train he still wasn't too sure about our unusual Saturday morning outing.

But he was a champ and didn't have any meltdowns the entire ride. Once we got downtown he was still a little confused about our whereabouts.

("who are all these people and why are they all in green?")

("I'm really not impressed Mom.")

It was really packed and we didn't get a very good spot since we arrived about 15 minutes before the parade began, so Tristan got to sit on Daddy's shoulders which he thought was pretty neat.

And the parade begins!

Being silly...

Who doesn't love leprechauns on stilts??!

And it wouldn't be a St. Patrick's Day parade without some awesome bagpipes.

Little man started to get pretty tuckered out.

But then he got a second wind and wanted to run up and down the street. Which meant excercise (and cute photo opps!) for mama.

I'm so glad that the weather worked out better this year, it made it so much more enjoyable. Next year Tristan should understand why we drag him into a huge crowd of people dressed in green a little bit better haha.

Have a great day everyone, I'll be back on Wednesday to share a pretty awesome project that I worked on this weekend ;)


  1. Great pictures, Angela! They really give the feeling of being there, how fun.


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