Monday, March 2, 2015

Floating Shelves Progress

UPDATE! Click here to see the big reveal.

Is it really Monday already?! I fee like this weekend just flew right by.

As you may recall, I mentioned last week that I wanted to ditch this glass display case for the safety of my little man and put some floating shelves here instead.

I listed it on Craigslist on Thursday and it was gone by Saturday morning. The $45 that we made on it was more than enough to purchase the lumber needed to make the shelves (score!).

I'll go through a supply list at the final reveal, but I basically followed Whitney's tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic that can be found here.

I had to make a few adjustments for two reasons. One, we don't have a nail gun or a Kreg Jig. And two, I want the edge to be pretty close to the wall, so we'll need to build them before attaching them to the wall (Whitney pretty much built them on the wall).

I began by using chalk and a measuring tape to draw an outline of where the shelves would go.

It's kind of impossible to see in this picture without hurting your eyes haha, but I started with the top one and them spaced them 13" apart.

The base is created with 1 2x3 and 3 smaller 2x3's to create an "E."

My shelf length is 29" so the long 2x3 is cut at 27.5" (subtract 1.5" because of the side trim) and the smaller ones are cut at 7.75" (the shelf top minus the width of the first 2x3).

Since we don't have a Kreg Jig to make pocket holes, I just used 3" screws from the back. I was worried about them sitting flush but I used flat head screws and it worked out perfectly.

And here's the hubby securing the shelf top (1x10) and trim (1x4s) with nails. It's funny, some projects he just has to be a part of, and this was one of them.

Here is what it looked like from the underside. You'll notice that the trim is flush with the top, but there's a little bit of overhang when you look at it from this side. That's because we will be securing the shelf bottom (1/4" plywood) once they are attached to the wall.

And here is a glimpse of what the shelf looks like from the top.

Eeek! I'm so excited to get these babies on the wall :)

Hopefully we'll have them on the wall and all prettied up by next week. Hopefully. :)


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