Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Someone is Getting Promoted...

You may have noticed that I kind of disappeard from blogland over the last month or so. Well...I'm excited to finally reveal why!

Yep, it's true--baby number two is on it's way! I am over the moon excited and happy!

However, this time around I'm totally getting my butt kicked. The fatigue and nausea are out of this world.

There have been weekends where I have literally done nothing but lay on the couch feeling miserable.

We're also on a super tight budget so that I can save up for maternity leave, which doesn't leave much of anything left over to do projects with.

I was going to get a big chalkboard and write out a big fancy announcement for Tristan to hold, but I'm not kidding when I say that I feel like doing nothing but eat Taco Bell these days! So yesterday we threw on a cute shirt, and headed to the park for a mini photo session.

This one is my absolute favorite. Doesn't he look like a proud big brother?!

I am really impressed with how cooperative he has become with the camera lately. Getting a 21 month old to pose is not an easy task!

So bear with me for a bit longer my blog peeps, I'm already creating a list for things I want to tackle when if my second trimester energy kicks in!


  1. Hooray! That's awesome news! Congrats! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. YAY!!! Congratulations!!! My hubby keeps trying to convince me to have another one...my first (and only thus far) the SICKNESS (all day, not morning) lasted until the 7th month. Oh what fun we had! Grrrr. So....I feel your pain girl! Hang in....your little munchkin will be worth all the exhaustion!


I appreciate all of your wonderful comments :)