Monday, August 17, 2015

Gender Reveal! We're Having a...

Just wanted to stop by real quick to share some very exciting news!

On Saturday we hosted a mini gender reveal for our parents. My original plan was to have Tristan open a box of balloons for everyone. But going out Saturday morning for balloons sounded like a lot of work by Friday night. Plus coercing my stubborn two year old to do anything lately is not fun.

So I stole an idea that I saw on Pintrest and bagged up some Hershey bars.

Are you ready?? Looks like we are having a little...

It wasn't a huge surprise for me, I had a mother's feeling that I was having another little boy! We are so excited, and even though Tristan is still too young to understand I think he is going to be ecstatic about having a little brother to play with.

I can't wait to start getting the nursery together.  Especially since I've already had a little boy nursery planned out for months!

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