Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tristan's Thomas the Train Party

My little Tristan is not so little anymore...tears!! Last Thursday he turned the big 2!! I can't believe how fast the time really has flown by.

We threw his party on Saturday, and even though it was a lot of work for this preggo mama, I think it all came together great and he had a fantastic time.

Are you ready to see how it went? :)

(Note--always always always allow yourself at least two hours to set up a party! I only had an hour so my pictures of the party setup were sort of rushed but I'll still share them with you!)

I used my favorite online design site to whip up some cute Thomas the Train themed labels. I called the iced tea "Diesel Fuel" and the water "Water Tower." I think Tristan was the only one who noticed that the character on the "Diesel Fuel" was Diesel himself (one of his favorites).

I also made a sign for the ice chest which is really just our camping cooler wrapped in red wrapping paper.

We went simple for food, I was originally going to make mini sandwiches but I'm glad I ended up listening to the hubby and sticking with Costco pizza instead. My mom made her delicious pasta salad which tasted great with the pizza, and I made fruit kabobs. Side note on the fruit kabobs--we made sure to take the fruit off for the little ones!

I set up a snack station using foil pans that mimicked train cars and had train themed food. The first car was the "log car" (pretzels).

The second car was the "grain car" (chips).

The last car was the "coal car" (oreos).

And of course the little engine pulling the snack train was Thomas himself--who ended up in Tristan's hands more than on the table.

("Mom, hello! You can't use my toys as party props!!")

We ordered the cake at Target and of course it was delicious. (Is cake ever not delicious or is it just me?)

For the goodie bags I made another printable on Canva and taped them to bags filled with dollar store candy. I didn't take a picture of the back of the cards but they said "Love, Tristan." A vintage suitcase would have been cooler but I think mine still did the trick!

I made a railroad crossing themed sign that was originally about 5 feet tall. I used old wood that was in the backyard so it ended up snapping as I was loading it into the car :( So I just rested it on the ground.

Here's Tristan and his Daddy.

And Mama!

This kid is in love with cake so we had a hard time keeping him away from it. It ended up with a couple of finger pokes by the time we got around to singing happy birthday!

Finally cake time!

And then presents!

He was so tired during party clean up he tried to use a balloon as a pillow to rest his head haha...

It was an awesome day and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  Happy birthday Tristan!!

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