Friday, October 23, 2015

DIY Hanging Hamper

So I was all done with Tristan's room and I thought I had remembered everything when I realized that I needed a spot for his hamper! I used to keep it in his closet, but since the closet is now full with bookshelves that was no longer an option.

I realized that the only empty spot was the wall behind his door and that's when I thought of it--a hanging hamper!

I knew that I wanted a big opening to make doing laundry easy and  just didn't want a hanging bag, so a nice round embroidery ring worked perfectly. Here is what I used:
  • 15" embroidery ring
  • Twin flat sheet (I had this one already but you can find them for $5 at Walmart)
  • Thick ribbon
  • Wall hook

You could also use regular fabric and hem the top so that it looks like a sheet.  I liked using a sheet  because it was already hemmed and the twin size ended up being the exact size that I needed. 

I began by folding the twin sheet in half "hot dog" style with the finished sides touching and the unfinished sides on the outside.

I measured how long I wanted my hamper to hang and cut off the excess from the bottom.

I then sewed the sides and bottom together.  I went back over my first stitch a second time to make sure that it was really sturdy.

When I was done, I ended up with what looked like a giant pillowcase.

After turning it right side out, I fed my giant pillowcase through the one piece of the embroidery ring so that the hemmed piece fed over the top of it.

Next, I secured the other piece of the embroidery ring on top.  Notice that I made sure to place the sewed hem on the side of the ring so that  when it was hung, the folds would be on the sides to make a rectangle.  The first time I did this I had the hem at the back up by the embroidery ring screw and it hung super funny!

Before I tightened the two pieces of the ring together  I slipped a piece of thick ribbon in between and sewed the two ends together, going back over my stitch a few times.

To make it pretty I tied another piece of ribbon in a bow where the two ends were sewn together.

I had the hubby attach my wall hook with drywall anchors.

And BOOM! 

I know what you're thinking and yes I  went through a fabric swap! I ended up using a sheet that came with his bedset instead.  I wasn't planning on using the top sheet (I'm weird like that so I'm assuming he wouldn't want to use a sheet either).  The solid color blended into the wall too much and I wanted something more decorative.
It's the perfect little spot for this hamper!

The tree branch decal was actually already there, but once I hung the hamper up I realized how cute it looked, almost as if the hamper was hanging from the branch :)

This project was also very budget friendly since I already had the sheet, ribbon and hook.  I picked up the embroidery ring at Hobby Lobby with a mobile 40% coupon so it was only about $3.60.

And because I like to remind everyone that nobody is perfect, when I sewed the sheet together I had it right side out so if you look really close you can see the stitch.  But it's just a hamper so I wasn't about to rip the seam and start over... :P  Plus that side faces the corner by the door so it's really not even visible.

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love your post and I chose it to be featured on my blog, Classy & Crafty. ( Thanks for submitting your link to our party!! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jen, I really appreciate it! And thank you for hosting a great party :)

  2. How adorable that you added wall art to the hamper hanger. cute!

    1. Thanks Audra! The wall art was already there and I realized after the fact that it just kind of worked! Love it when that happens :)

  3. I love this. So simple yet with a twist. Full of whimsey! The branch is so cute and really turns the fun on.

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  5. That turned out really cute! It would be perfect for my daughter's room - I will see if I can manage to replicate it with your tutorial. Thanks for sharing on Thsi is How We Roll linky party!

    1. Thank you so much! It was so easy, if I can make it anyone can ;)

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