Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hallway Makeover Reveal

Hello friends! I am so excited to reveal the hallway makeover today! I've had these plans going on in my head for quite some time, and I found myself going a little stir crazy on maternity leave during naptime, so I decided to finally tackle it.

Let's start by traveling back in time and taking a look at what this hallway used to look like when we first bought the house.

This was during our popcorn ceiling removal hence the plastic on the floor.  We painted the walls a light warm gray and painted the oak linen cabinets espresso but that was about it.

It definitely felt more updated, but it was still too dark with the lack of light we receive here. We lived with this for a year and a half, but since I like spaces to be bright I wanted to add board and batten to lighten it up a little.

That was actually the only thing I planned on doing....but one thing turned into another and this is what we ended up with!

Here's a before and after of the view from the other end.

I did away with the espresso on the linen cabinets and I also decided that a chunky shelf would look good in the big space in between.

The view as you're walking up the stairs is quite different now too.

I've had that brown mirror for years but gave it a little makeover to fit better in the space. I followed the same process as my Goodwill Mirror.

I also replaced my white picture ledges from IKEA with some that I made myself to add a little bit of contrast and to break up all of the white that I have going on.

I even did away with my old picture frames that were too small and replaced them with some big ones that I found at Goodwill. They weren't so pretty when I got them, but after a couple coats of white spray paint and some DIY picture mats that I made out of poster board, they look much fancier than the ones I had up before.

My treasured hospital memory boxes for the boys fit perfectly on the corner wall.

I kept the tree branch decal on the opposite wall.

Even though the small spaces between the doors were a total pain to make cuts for and paint, it really helps the board and batten look more complete.

The gap between the linen cabinets looks much less awkward now.  For now I have the boys' ultrasound pictures and some candle holders but I plan to get a galvanized & sign to put in the middle the next time I'm at Hobby Lobby. Then I'll be able to face the frames straight which is kind of driving me nuts right now!

Here are a few more photos of the space.

I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out!  Funny how a board and batten project led to one thing after another isn't it?  But now I can cross this whole area of my to do list which feels amazing.

Total cost actually wasn't too bad either:

Board and batten: $35 
Picture ledges: $9
Picture frames: $16
Shelf: $14
Total: $74

I promise I'll be sharing more on the board and batten process as well as the picture ledges soon!

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  1. Everything looks amazing! Especially the board and batten. Love how bright your hallway is now ... Just beautiful!!!

  2. What a great hallway transformation. Your new hallway looks like you'd want to stay a while and look at all the interesting things displayed instead of just going through. Very nice job. I especially like the new picture ledges.

  3. What a difference you made in your dark hallway! I can't believe you did all that for less than $75. Great job!

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

  4. Hi Angela - just gorgeous!!! I love the board and batten! I'm going to do this in my foyer after I'm done my kitchen reno (I am doing the Giani countertops this weekend which is how I found your great blog!). Can I ask what shade/company of gray you used? I love that you're using warmer whites and grays and I just love it!!

    1. Thank you so much! It's called polished smoky pearl by Glidden, I got it at Walmart :)

    2. Thank you Angela! You do amazing work!! So inspiring :)

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