Thursday, May 12, 2016

Curbside Trash to Farmhouse Side Table

I saw this the other day and thought  to myself, "oh boy does that ring true!"
Luckily my kids are still too young to be embarrassed by my curbside pickups, and my husband has become pretty immune to having 4 furniture makeovers sitting in the garage at one time. So immune that it was no surprise to him the day that I asked him to turn the car around so that I could pick up this poor little table that someone had left out by their trash.

The best part about this cutie is that it's real wood, which is hard to come by these days since it seems like almost everything is made out of particle board.  The only thing wrong with it was a leg that was starting to pop out (that I just hammered back into place) and of course the nasty worn paint.

I immediately started going through all of the options. Should I stain the top? Should I stencil something fun on it? I ultimately decided to go the get it done within naptime quick route which was painting the whole thing with a nice fresh coat of paint.

I used two coats of my DIY chalk paint. I love how thick it is, it went over the old chipped paint and filled it all in so I barely had to sand the table beforehand.

I used some fine sandpaper to smooth out the brush strokes and to distress it.  I focused on the tabletop sides and legs but also pulled out some spots on the top.

Isn't it the cutest little side table you've ever seen?

I love the simplicity of it and it just so happens to be the perfect height next to our new Ektorp sectional from IKEA that we just got for the basement (cue my utter excitement about that here!) We don't get much light in the basement so I moved it upstairs to photograph.


The whole process probably only took about an hour and it was a true trash to treasure for sure!  Have a great day everyone :)

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  1. Hello Angela, I love your concept of making treasures from what others just toss out! Really a very cute table! I think you have a very sweet blog and what an inspiration to others! I use to go with my Grandmother on trash day and boy did we find the treasures in the alleys in those days! Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thank you very much. I love found treasures so much more than my store bought items :)

  2. Don't you love those curbside finds, especially when it becomes a quick, cute and easy project. You will get a lot of use from that little table. It looks good.

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  4. I'm always amazed and inspired by people like you, because you can make an incredibly beautiful thing out of any rubbish.

  5. A good example of how you can use those things that at first sight do not understand, and they become a wonderful complement to the interior


I appreciate all of your wonderful comments :)