Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Quick Candlestick Makeover

Hello everyone and sorry for the long stretch of silence!  We were in Vegas last week which was crazy fun, but has left me pretty wiped out and struggling to get back into my routine.  

Today I bring you a super quick and simple tutorial on how I gave a makeover to this neglected candlestick.

I found this poor little fellow at Goodwill and saw past the strange coloring and ten year old dust and candle wax.  I loved it's chunky shape and knew it had some potential.

After cleaning and sanding off the yuckiness, I gave it two coats of my favorite Martha Stewart chalkboard paint.  As you can tell by the messy bottle, this is my go-to color for a lot of my projects! I love the flat texture and sheen of this paint.

The above picture is after the first coat and this one is after the second.  Since I planned on distressing it, I didn't worry too much about getting total coverage.

Once it was dry I used a small paintbrush to dry brush some white paint. If you have never dry brushed before, you basically just dip a small amount of paint on the brush, wipe it off on a towel and then lightly go over your surface.  The key is to always keep your brush dry. 

I promise, it sounds a lot harder than it actually is!  I finished it off by using some fine sandpaper to lightly scratch it up so that the dark paint and slight gold tones underneath showed through.

And that was it!

The whole process seriously took me less time than it did to take these pictures.  Crazy, right?!

The color reminds me of clay and I absolutely adore it.  And you would never know that strange swirly finish was once underneath this.

It found a nice home on top of my newly finished faux card catalog that I am ridiculously excited about.  Here is a very tiny peek at it, I promise a tutorial is soon to come :)

Have a happy rest of the week my friends! 

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  1. What a gorgeous makeover! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Angela - such a great idea - I love how it turned out and your tutorial is great as well. I found you today at #ImpartingGrace

  3. I love the distressed look. Now to go find something that I can give a quick makeover to like this candlestick. Thank you for sharing your tutorial at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

  4. I love this tutorial too! Had to stop by on from the #HomeMattersParty :) Hope to see you back again this week!


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