Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tristan's Super Why 3rd Birthday

Hello everyone!  On Sunday we celebrated Tristan's 3rd birthday by throwing him a Super Why party!  He is absolutely in love with this show and I can't really complain since it taught him all of his letters before he even turned 2.  Maybe it's just the proud mama in me, but I think that's pretty impressive ;)

Since you can't find Super Why anything in the stores, I had to get creative and make everything myself.  Today I am going to take a break from the normal house DIY talk and share some of my favorite details from the party.

I found these cardboard letters in a pack at the dollar store and they served as the perfect table "confetti" even though the wind didn't agree and picked most of them up.

I also had a snack station set up with alphabet themed snacks which were served inside the character's props.  I designed the labels myself on Canva.com and put them in some frames I that I had on hand.

(Sidenote--I had this set up in terrible lighting. Nothing quite as frustrating as spending a ton of effort and time on something and not be able to get it photographed well!! Grrr...oh well.)
We had Wonder Red's basket filled with alphabet cereal bars.  For this I just took a Goodwill basket, spray painted it red and painted the trim with purple acrylic paint.  The spiral on the basket was another creation on Canva.com.

Unfortunately the cereal bars decided to melt in the sun.  But they still tasted good!

We also  had Alphabet Pig's toolbox filled with letter Cheez-Its. We actually built the toolbox ourselves (tutorial soon to come!) and I just taped some cardstock on the front to resemble Alpha Pig's.

Finally, we had Super Why's Why Writer and a book box filled with alphabet cookies.

The "book" box from Michael's was originally just plain wood so I painted it blue and white and added "pages" using a straight edge and a pen.  The Why Writer is actually a jumbo pen that I found at the dollar store that I just added cardstock to.

I had to buy all of the alphabet snacks online since they didn't have them in the stores. (Affiliate links provided for convenience.  For more info, see my full disclosure here.) 
However I did find some alphabet cookies at the dollar store right before the party so I bought a couple of boxes to make these little favor bags.

    I decided to make each kid their own super hero cape and then threw this little stand together for them to hang on .  

    I love the way the birthday banner turned out!  I just used some cardstock and twine then printed out letters and Super Why images.

For food we had a couple of pizzas and a few Princess Pea specialties on the side.

Every episode she says, "Peas and carrots, carrots an peas, book come out.  Please Please Please." So I served a pea pasta salad (with Princess Pea's wand attached to the spoon of course) and carrot sticks.

We had a water dispenser and some bottled fruit punch. I also put juice pouches in a metal drink dispenser that was decorated with alphabet magnets.  Tristan had a lot of fun putting those on a couple days before.

I also hot glued some of the dollar store letters to strands of twine and hung them on one side of the gazebo.

Can you spot some super letters in this picture?  I cut out letters from red glittery cardstock and hid them on the sides of tables and the gazebo legs for the kids to find.

Once found, we  put them on our Super Duper Computer (spray painted foam board and blue poster board) to spell the Super Story Answer, which was "Time For Cake."

The cake toppers were another DIY since they don't make an actual Super Why cake design at the bakery.  I just ordered a plain cake in a sky blue color and added my own characters and logo which are just printed out on cardstock and hot glued to a straw.

The kids had a blast playing on the playground and flying around in their superhero capes.

Even little Lucas was a good sport and wore his cape the entire party!

I was somewhat of a hot mess running around getting all of this put together and making sure it all ran smoothly, but we did manage to get this picture with our little birthday boy.

Tristan was excited when I finally let him play with the Why Writer as the party came to a close. 

 ("Silly Mommy, props are for playing with--not for decorating!")

He had an excellent time and it felt good to get his party done before his actual birthday this year. Now this Saturday we can just kick back and enjoy his day by going to the zoo and out to his favorite restaurant for dinner.

I will be back next week to share some more exciting DIY with you all!  No hints on what it will be!  (Probably because I don't even know myself yet haha)

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  1. Oh my gosh the kids are so cute! This is very creative and a theme that hasn't been overdone. Kudos to you!!

  2. Superb party celebrations! Planning a surprise birthday party for my niece at one of local event space Chicago. Will be having princess party theme as little girl love being a princess. Have already discuss this with my sister and she has agreed to my plan.

  3. My grandson loves Super Why,also. You nailed it! Great Ideas!

  4. You should sell your framed signs as a download artwork on etsy...so cute!

  5. Love this party. Where did you find the characters and logo and stuff to put on the card stock and make the W- is for Water thing?


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