Thursday, October 13, 2016

One Room Challenge (Week 2): Beauty and the Beast

Hello everyone!  I'm back today to share both some exciting progress that I've made on our master bedroom and an ugly struggle that I've run into.  In case you missed last week's post about the super awesome plans that I have for this space, you can catch up here.

So I titled this post Beauty and the Beast for a reason.  Let's start with the "Beauty" portion.

I mentioned that I wanted to get the board and batten out of the way first since I had a feeling that it was going to be the most time consuming. However, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily it went up!

Being that this was my fourth time doing board and batten, I think I finally got a good method down.

Let's reminisce at how the wall behind the bed used to look...

After spending several nights in here equipped with a ton of white paint and iHeart radio--here it is today!

What a difference, right!?  It already feels like such a different space. It's feeling a little plain Jane without the flower prints but I plan to put a sunburst mirror up which should help.

Okay now for the "Beast" portion.  Friday night I put the finishing touches on the wall and on Saturday I started on my upholstered headboard .  I wasn't really nervous about the headboard at all since I had read so many tutorials on it, but----you guys.  It has been so DIFFICULT!

I actually finished it Sunday afternoon and was so upset with how it turned out, that I spent an hour taking it all apart so that I could start over.

Basically there are two critical mistakes that I made.  First, due to the size of my foam that I was using I had to piece several together. No big deal.  But instead of cutting in at the bottom which will be going behind the mattress, I decided to cut in at the top.

You know, because cutting in at the bottom where visibility doesn't matter would make too much sense.  Not my finest thinking!

And I didn't think that using both blue and white foam would matter in the end.  But it did.

This is what it looked like before I demolished it. 

The lines where the foam pieces fit together were super visible and as you can see, my attempt to disguise it by adding the tufting along these lines failed miserably.

And although it's hard to tell in the basement lighting, the area with the blue foam showed through when placed in our sunlight room.

Even though it was a pain to go back and take all of the staples out AND buy new materials I am so glad I did because my second attempt turned out much better.  I will share a tutorial on that next week.

What's a challenge without a couple of hurdles, right?  And I'm almost positive it won't be the last during this process.  Like my husband said during his speech of encouragement after seeing my distress over my lumpy headboard--you can't expect to perfect everything you do for the very first time. Sometimes it doesn't matter how much research you do, you're still going to have to discover some things on your own.

I will be back tomorrow to share a full tutorial on the board and batten, so be sure to check back for that!

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  1. First off, props to you the room looks amazing. May I ask what white paint you used and did you use the same whites on the furniture and accessories?

    1. Thank you! Yes I used just a plain can of white off the shelf for everything. I'm fancy like that haha :)


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