Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Farmhouse Kitchen Accents on a Budget

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend and a good start to your week so far.

I have been trying to put together a nice little station for our dish soap next to the kitchen sink for a couple of weeks now.  I couldn't find the right tray or stand but when I found this cute galvanized tray at Hobby Lobby last weekend I knew that it would be perfect.

And it is!

Anyways, it got me thinking about how many little farmhouse touches I've been adding to our kitchen lately so today I thought I would share what I have accumulated so far.

I never really "decorated" the kitchen in the past.  I only kept my basics out on the counters like small appliances, spices and a bottle of dish soap.

But then one day I spotted these wood cutting boards at IKEA.  Of course I got them for function, but I started thinking that they would look awesome on display.  So I stored my not so pretty toaster in the cabinet and set these pretty guys up instead. 

(as you can tell from my marks, the small cutting board has been put to very good use to cut up the baby's fruits and veggies!) 

I also replaced the stainless steel utensil holder that I had with a pretty white ceramic pitcher filled with some wooden utensils.

 (Seriously, I can't keep my stainless steel appliances clean why in the world did I think that I could keep that dang stainless utensil holder clean??)

I can't even begin to explain how much better this space feels now that the toaster, the dirty utensil holder and spice bottles are gone.

And you guys! Meet my new dish soap :)

I am so excited about this soap and yes I know that makes me a total nerd haha.  But I've been searching everywhere online for one like this and last week I just happened to spot this one at Homegoods. 

I also picked up this awesome neutral colored scrubber for our dishes and a super soft sponge for the counters. All these items fit perfectly in my new tray.

(The hubby has given me plenty of grief for needing to have "pretty" cleaning items but he knows me very well so he's also not surprised haha...)
We used to have some canisters that were part frosted glass and part stainless steel and they were seriously impossible to keep clean since they were next to the stove and received a lot of grease splatter. It drove me crazy!  I recently replaced them with these ones that I found at Walmart and they have been soooo much easier to maintain!

And now for my favorite spot in the house--the coffee station.  I rarely drank coffee prior to having kids but now it has become a daily necessity and I have yet to function one whole day without it!

I found the mini crate in the Target dollar spot and then added a jar of creamer, a sugar bowl and a mason jar full of straws for when I make iced coffee.  I have been thinking that some wooden stir sticks would look pretty cute in here too!

I made the sign with some scrap wood that I had laying around and I think it's a nice touch for this spot.

I'm not done quite yet, I have a few more things that I want to add. One day I'll have a farmhouse sink sitting on some gorgeous quartz counters (mark my words!!) but for now these little touches have helped me love my kitchen a little more.

And now for the source list and price breakdown in case you would like to add some of these items to your own kitchen!

(Affiliate links may be provided for convenience.  For more info, see my full disclosure here.) 
  • Large Chopping board (IKEA) $5.99
  • Small Chopping bard (IKEA) $3.99
  • Wooden Utensils (IKEA) $1.79 each
  • White Pitcher (Homegoods, similar one found here) $6.99
  • Galvanized Tray (Hobby Lobby) $5 (trays were half off that week!)
  • Dish soap (Homegoods, I found it on the manufactures' site here for much more $$ but if you just like the amber glass you could get one of these and fill your own.) $6.99
  • Scrubber (Homegoods, also found on Amazon here$2.99
  • Glass Canisters (Walmart--I'm only seeing the 1 gallon size online so you may need to check in stores for the 1/2 gallon size) $20 for all 3
  • White Mini Crate (Target, something similar found here) $5
  • Coffee sign (made with scrapwood) $0
So there you have it--just a little over $60 for all of these fun but useful accessories!

Have a happy week my friends!

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  2. I love the farmhouse style so much. Thanks for these great tips.

    1. Thank you Charlene! For the longest time I honestly didn't know what my style was I just new that I liked the old and rustic look. It wasn't until I started watching Fixer Upper that I realized that "farmhouse" was even a style haha :)

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  4. Love the farmhouse style, in my kitchen especially. These are great tips, and I can't wait to share them on this week's The Creative Circle Link Party. Thanks for linking up!

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