Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Choose How To Decorate a Bathroom Vanity

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Hello and happy Wednesday everyone! 

One of the biggest challenges that I've run into while designing our master bathroom for the One Room Challenge is figuring out what to include on the vanity top.  I find myself brainstorming ideas as I sit on the train for my daily commute and even while I am trying to fall asleep at night (which is somewhat annoying...)

I've noticed that I'm a funny mix of being a minimalist and a maximist (if that's a word...?) when it comes to decorating. There are times that I enjoy keeping things very simple to make the space feel clean and open and then there are other times that I love to include as many items as possible to achieve a big impact. 

For instance the minimalist in me adores how this vanity is only topped with some hand soap and a single flower in a vase.  It makes the room feel ultra calm and relaxing.

But I also swoon when I see how almost every inch of this vanity is topped with something pretty.  It's so visually pleasing and makes me feel all cheerful inside.


So I am totally torn on what to do with our vanity.  To help me decide I thought I would share the ideas that I have so far about what to put there.

1. Canisters

Having canisters on the vanity is a huge convenience factor.  I think it's so much nicer to have your daily toiletries like q-tips stored out in the open rather than having to dig through a drawer or closet for them.

My favorite types of canisters are glass apothecary jars because of their vintage feel.  The ones at Pottery Barn are absolutely gorgeous--but pricey.  I am finding that Amazon has several that are just as pretty and way cheaper!
2. Greenery

Whether it's just a small potted plant or tall elaborate stems, adding a greenery gives a space a really nice vibe.  Especially if you like to stick to neutrals because the green really pops and stands out nicely against whites and wood tones.

I think that these eucalyptus stems from IKEA would look pretty in a white ceramic pitcher or vase.

3. Tray

I love utilizing trays for both décor and function.  I have several around our house and they are great at corralling various items and help surfaces feel less cluttered. 

There are sooooo many different kinds of trays to choose from.  They can be flat or tiered depending on your space.  I think the flat ones work well when it is going in front of a mirror and the tiered ones look fantastic when it's between a double sink that has two individual mirrors like the one below.

This one with the distressed mirror bottom would be perfect in a farmhouse bathroom as would the metal one!  Oh decisions decisions...
4. Towels/Washcloths
I also like the idea of having clean washcloths or hand towels stashed in a pretty basket or container.  Not only does it make them really accessible, I think it also makes you feel like you are at the spa.  Not that I've ever been to a spa in my entire life...but even more reason to have them on display in my bathroom, right?!
You could stack them directly on the counter or place them in a small container.  I really like the idea of putting rolled washcloths inside a small planter or a little wood crate.
5. Soap
This one comes as a no brainer since where there's a sink there should also probably be some soap! But it doesn't have to be a bottle of hot pink Dial sitting on your counter--there are much more decorative ways to display it.
If you take quick stroll through TJMaxx or World Market you can find tons of soaps in glass bottles that have really pretty labels.  Or you can always just purchase a pretty soap dispenser and just fill it up with the cheap stuff.
You can also choose to go old fashioned and display some bar soap in a cute soap dish!
Ahhhh--SO many options!! Planning out the accessories for this bathroom has definitely been the most fun but also the most challenging part for me.
I'll be back tomorrow to share my progress update on the One Room Challenge, I can't believe we are already halfway there!

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  1. This post makes me want to completely make over my bathroom. I love all the ideas, especially the clear canisters and baskets. Thank you for sharing your post at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

    1. Thank you so much Nicole! The canisters were a recent discovery of mine and I must admit--I'm obsessed haha!

  2. Love this! I always manage to clutter up our countertops with all of my products! This is inspiring to put them away and use the countertops for pretty things instead :)

    1. Thanks Hatton! I feel like a pretty vanity really helps me start my day right as I'm getting ready. I noticed that when I let it clutter it becomes an instant annoyance first thing in the morning!

  3. Lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday!

  4. Really very informative posts you have. It's true that designing something is the biggest challenge you face. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and amazing posts.

  5. Absolutely fun read with lots of ideas. The grey vanity in the first picture. Can you tell me the color of grey PLEASE

  6. Thanks for sharing such pretty yet minimalistic ideas! Just what I was looking for to start decorating my bathroom, blessings!


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