Monday, August 14, 2017

Life Lately and my New Favorite Store


Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We were super busy (what else is new?) but we did get quite a bit done.

We started off  Saturday morning by going to our very first fundraising walk for FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education)

One of my sweet friends recently lost her 3 year old little boy to anaphylaxis and it really hit me that I didn't know the slightest thing about food allergies or how serious they can actually be.  So to raise funds for FARE we walked in memory of  “Alastair X” super hero.  It felt good to honor him but I must admit that I found myself hiding tears several times throughout what was an emotional morning for me.

After running our errands we took it easy Saturday afternoon and all snuggled up to watch Boss Baby which is such a cute movie!

Yesterday I had my friends' bridal shower to attend.  I left the house two hours early to get her gift but ended up with some extra time so I swung into the Kirklands nearby to check out what was in there.

And OH. MY. GOODNESS!!  How did I NOT know what gems this place held?

I was on total décor overload in here the entire time.  On my Instagram  I mentioned that I had to take pictures because I couldn't decide on what to buy.  I was hoping the pictures would help me decide but I'm still just as overwhelmed! 

I was surprised to see how reasonably priced everything was.  These metal and wood wall pieces are so pretty and I've seen them go for much more $$ elsewhere.  They also currently have a 15% off your entire purchase coupon going on right now!

And this large gorgeous mirror was only $89 (about $75 with the coupon).  I think I may need to go back to get this guy to replace the smaller plain one we currently have above our couch!

These distressed wood trays are only $12.99.  Yep.  The only problem is deciding between ivory or gray....

It's too bad I'm already pretty happy with all of our current soap holders because this rustic faucet one was the coolest! 

Same thing with this big sign--I couldn't think of a good spot to put it but absolutely adored it.

These weathered wood lamps were only $19.99 and then 20% off brought them down to $16.

This distressed wire container could be used for many things--pencils, utensils, greenery and more.  It was on clearance for only $7.99 you guys!

These faux wood chargers were really cool and I could see me either using them for the dining table or to set pretty vases on.

If I'm ever in need of a new clock this is definitely where I will check.  I'm pretty smitten with the ones that we currently have but that one with the gears really caught my eye!

Hey look, more trays!

I've been a basket hoarder for a long time (to the point of buying them and having no idea what to use them for) but I recently have become the same way with trays.  These two really had my wheels spinning trying to figure out what I could use them for.

The whole store spoke to me but nothing quite as much as this set up.  From the basket on top, the cake stand with the candles, the super long wood tray to the awesome trinket boxes on the bottom.  And don't even get me started on the table itself!  Just wow...

This long wood bowl had a galvanized metal center and I keep picturing how pretty it would look with a few pumpkins and candles in it as a centerpiece.

Speaking of pumpkins, their beautiful fall décor was set up and welcomed you right as you walked in.  I like to wait on decorating for fall until September 1st and I also promised myself to put all that I currently have out before I buy anything new. 

So it's needless to say that I had to use some serious restraint to not buy this adorable pumpkin with cable knit attached to it!

I mean it just doesn't get any more cozy and cute than that! 

And can we take a minute to admire how awesome those tin pumpkins are??

It's either a shame that I've been missing out all this time or a money saving blessing haha! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, I'll be back later this week to share a little DIY project.  See you then :)


  1. I have the white wood mirror currently above my fireplace. I got it on sale for $45 a couple of years ago. They usually have a 30% off coupon you can use sometimes too :)

    1. Thanks Karlie I'll definitely keep my eyes out for that! I bet it looks super pretty above your ffireplace :)

  2. Kirkland's is such an amazing store and I have heard about it from a lot of people. Thankyou for sharing all these pictures of the amazing stuff they have at the store.

    1. Yes it is! I can't believe I'm just now finding this oasis :)


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