Friday, September 22, 2017

3 Fall DIYs Under $3

Happy Friday!!  For the first time since I can remember we have absolutely NO plans this weekend.   I am going to be totally real with myself and admit that I probably won't be able to just sit around. I know that inevitably I will find something to do.  But still! Going into a weekend with no plans is pretty darn exciting for me.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy decorating for fall and it's been somewhat challenging to switch up from my normal orange pallet to all an neutral one on a budget.  I ended up with a couple of small splurges here and there, but for the most part I painted what I already owned.  I also came up with some cheap DIYs that helped a lot too!

Since all of them were super simple to do I figured that I would share them all in one post so that you can see how easy (and budget friendly) it can be to decorate for fall!  I spent less than $3 for each one because I already had some of the supplies on hand, and many of you may too!

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1. Hanging Burlap Leaves
I found some awesome burlap covered wood leaves at Hobby Lobby. (I can't find a link to them on the website but the closest that I could find were these on Amazon.  You could always glue burlap to the front of them!)

(let's just ignore the spilled milk that I just noticed on the table--we're reeeeal classy around here...)

I actually picked them up not having a clue what I was going to do with them.  That happens a lot actually!  I played around with them on my Neutral Fall Wreath but they just didn't look right.   Then finally it dawned on me that our mantle was looking kind of empty. 

I liked the idea of spelling the word "harvest" since it was longer than the word "fall."  So using my new stencil set (that I absolutely adore) I simply placed the letters over the center of each leaf and used a small paintbrush to fill them in with some black acrylic paint.

I decided that I wanted the letters to be more fluid and less stencil like so I ended up filling in the gaps by hand.

I then tied a knot in the twine hanger and then slipped a piece of twine through the knots.

This probably only took me a total of 10 minutes to make and fits perfectly on the mantle!

I also attached a couple of small pinecones to each end of the twine which I think is a fun added touch.

The only purchase for this project was the leaves which cost about $3. 

2. Faux Vintage Frames With Printables
I was so surprised when I spotted these embossed pictures frames at the Dollar Tree. 

The detail on them is so pretty and vintage looking and I knew they would be perfect for some fall printables.

I popped the glass out of each one and gave each frame two coats of white paint.

Once they were dry I went over each one with some sandpaper to distress them.  I mainly focused on the embossed details and the corners.

I found these beautiful watercolor printables from the amazingly talented Sara over at Twelve On Main.  Aren't they gorgeous??


I had actually planned on putting the glass back in but then I broke one.  It worked out though because it turns out that I actually like them better open!

My printer is kind of crummy so I plan to eventually make it over to have these printed out at Staples.

They fit perfectly on the DIY Mini Shelves that I built for the side of our cabinet awhile back!

The only cost for this was $3 for the frames.

3. Painted Burlap Pumpkin

Supplies Used:
While I was at the Dollar Tree getting the frames I also picked up a burlap pumpkin. I forgot to take a before picture, but you can tell from the stock photo that the Styrofoam totally shows through so they are pretty cheap looking.

But that was a super simple fix!  I took off the plastic stem and gave it a couple of heavy coats of white paint.  I then cut a small piece of a branch off of our tree and attached it with a small dab of liquid nails.

So much better than the original, wouldn't you agree? 

This one only cost me $1 since I made just one, but a whole basket or tray of them would look fantastic and wouldn't cost much!

Looking for more inspiration?  I also shared these DIY fall projects that all cost very little to make so be sure to check them out!

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Thanks for dropping by today.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all next week!

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