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DIY Wooden Spool Ornament

Well hello everyone! Today is also the big reveal for the One Room Challenge so I actually have two posts going live today.  In case you haven't already seen our new and improved living room, be sure to hop over here to check it out.  Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

But first...

Welcome to the 2017 Ornament Exchange & Blog Hop! This year, there are 47 amazing bloggers participating in the exchange. The rules of the challenge were simple: be partnered with a fellow blogger, create a handmade ornament for $15 or under, create a tutorial, and ship the ornament off to a new home!

I was so lucky to be partnered up with Mary from The Boondocks Blog because our styles are super similar. When I chatted with her about how she was planning on decorating her tree this year she said that she was going with an old fashioned theme and would be focusing on using the colors blue and white. 

It didn't take me long to decide that using a vintage style wooden spool would be perfect for her tree!
2017 Ornament Exchange and Blog Hop

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Supplies Used: (Affiliate links may be provided for convenience.  For more info, see my full disclosure here.) 

Step 1.

Use a paintbrush to apply a small amount of Mod Podge to the edges of the wood spool as wells as the top and bottom. Start by rolling the sides in some glitter sprinkled onto the surface that you are using. I used a piece of cardboard which was nice and sturdy and made for an easy clean up.

For the top and bottom, lightly dab them in the glitter.

Set the spool aside and let it dry for about 20 minutes and then apply a coat of Mod Podge over the glitter to seal it.  This prevents the glitter from flaking off like crazy, because we all know how much fun that is!

Step 2.

While that is drying, you can cut out your paper that will go around the spool.  I debated on using scrapbook paper or wrapping paper, but ultimately decided to create a "book page" from my all time favorite Christmas story, "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

I found the story on Wikipedia and copy pasted the text into my design on that I had sized at 450px x 175px and used a 6.8pt font.

I didn't get a picture of attaching it to the spool since it was a quick two handed process, but all you need to do is use the paintbrush to apply a coat of Mod Podge all around the spool, then align the paper and press it on. Finish it off with another coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper to seal it.

Step 3.

Thread the ribbon through the buttons that you choose to hang off of the bottom.  Then tie a knot and cut off the excess.  Make sure that you leave yourself plenty of excess ribbon to hang from.

Holding the ribbons together, alternate the buttons so that they vary in height and then tie a knot.

Step 4.

Taking one of the larger buttons, thread a piece of twine through two of the button holes but don't pull it all the way through just yet because you will want to slip your ribbon bundle underneath, right above where you tied the knot.

Next, knot the ribbon bundle to secure it to the twine before threading another piece of twine in the other two button holes.

You can either cut off the excess ribbon or tie a bow like I did.

Step 5.

Place the button on the bottom of your spool and pull the pieces of twine through to the top. 

Step 6. 

Place another button on the top, then pull the 4 pieces of twine through the holes.  Sidenote--depending on the size of your twine and your button holes this can take some patience!  I found it easiest to twist it as I pulled it through.

Step 7.

Pull the twine through the jingle bell before tying a bow on either side.

 Step 8.

I forgot to take a picture of the last step but I just took two more pieces of white ribbon and slide them underneath the top button and tied a knot.  I then tied a bow with one and pulled the other one up to create a hanger.

And this is how it turned out!

I love how vintage and magical it feels.

The glitter really sparkles under the tree lights and I think that the stars are such a fun little detail.

Mary said she was absolutely delighted when she opened it, as I was when I opened the one that she made for me.  It's like she read my mind because she nailed it and I can't wait to get our big tree out to hang it up! Be sure to swing over to her blog to see it!

FIND ALL 47 HANDMADE ORNAMENT TUTORIALS BELOW AND SHARE YOURS TOO! Use Hashtag #2017OrnamentExchange so we can see your creations on social media.

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  1. Angela it was as if you gave me the best surprise when I opened the package and read the writing on the spool. I have fond memories of reading that book to the kids when they were little. So your ornament captured a piece of my life. The ornament is so so pretty with lots of sweet little details. I couldn't have done as good a job had I tried myself. And you completed your one room challenge. You go girl!!!

    1. I am so happy to hear that you liked it Mary! I was super surprised and happy when I received yours as well! And the fact that it brought fond memories to you is so heartwarming. This was such a fun challenge! :)

  2. I adore that little spool ornament! All the little details you added make it just so special. And from her comment, Angela obviously loves it too. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I was worried that all of the details were going to make it too busy but I'm happy to hear that's not the case :)

  3. I love the dangling stars from the bottom; what a perfect touch. Pinned.

    1. Thanks! They are one of my favorite features as well :)

  4. I love the rustic look of the spool and the sparkle of the glitter. It is so pretty.

    1. Thank you Debra! Im glad I decided to glitz it up by adding glitter, it makes it feel a little more magical!

  5. Oh wow what a clever ornament you have made!!! I absolutely love it, it looks to vintage and original.. Absolutely beautiful! #2017OrnamentExchange

    1. Thanks Evita! I love how well the vintage vibe goes with the story :)

  6. What a pretty ornament! Using 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on it was such a fun idea! Great tutorial. Pinning.

    1. Thank you Beverly! I was so excited to use that story :)

  7. I love this! What a perfect touch to the Christmas tree! I participate in the exchange also, and it's always great to see what everyone else creates!

  8. I love these, what a super cute idea to make spool ornaments and I know Mary loves the book page look!!!

  9. Oh, I absolutely love this project! I can think of so many variations geared to recipients' favorite books and color scheme - thank you so much for sharing with Party in Your PJs!

  10. Angela, that is really a cute ornament craft, and it looks so easy. I hear Mary loves it, so it's a win-win. Pinning! Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a sweet and adorable ornament! Adding the wording is so clever!

  12. What a wonderful idea! I can just imagine these with little music scores for carols on too!

  13. Love the simplicity of this ornament and the little touch of glitter bling you added. I'm sure Mary loved this. Thanks for joining us on the exchange.

  14. I love how your ornament turned out! Adding the story script was such a great idea!

  15. How precious is this ornament?? I love the little touches with the buttons and the quote. So pretty!

  16. So pretty and I love how you can customize the quote for someone!

  17. That is so cute! I wish we had hobby lobby in Canada, you can get such cool supplies there!

    I pinned to my group board. Love participating in the Ornament Exchange I get such amazing ideas!!


I appreciate all of your wonderful comments :)