Thursday, November 9, 2017

One Room Challenge (Week 6): Almost Done!

Welcome to the last One Room Challenge check in before the big reveal next week!  As some of you may already know, the reveal usually takes place on week 6. However due to the recent natural disasters that have happened recently, we were given a one week extension to allow our friends in these areas a little more time to finish up!

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I definitely could have been done by this week if I REALLY busted my butt, but I'm not going to lie was so nice to be able to slow it down a little bit last week while I wrap up the final items left on the list.

The funny thing about making a list for a room makeover is that I almost always add on to it along the way.  Like my new blanket ladder!

Back in my early days of DIY'ing we made a blanket ladder which has done an excellent job of keeping our throws off of the couch when we aren't using them.

Well when I finished the board and batten and brought it back inside I quickly realized that the white on white wasn't working too well and the ladder looked kind of lost.

I know--the awful lighting in this picture isn't helping either!  This room just gets so much dang light which is awesome in real life, but hard to photograph.  I splurged on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 this past weekend and the hubby also surprised me with a new camera lens. I am hoping that these two things will make capturing the photos of this room for the big reveal a little less frustrating. 

Anyways, I was originally planning on just painting it but the hubby suggested that we make a new one since we have a slightly better idea of how to build it now.  Our first attempt was kind of crooked and wonky.

I will share a full tutorial with you all soon, but it was actually really simple.  I began by cutting down a couple of 2x4s and then stained them with Minwax Classic Gray wood stain.

Once they were dry I did a heavy dry brush with some white paint to give them a nice weathered look.

I am really excited with how nicely it came together. It  adds some much needed contrast on that wall as you'll see next week!

I also got started on my large DIY art using PVC panels that are meant to resemble vintage tin ceiling tiles. 

I panicked a little bit when I realized that my 4' x 4' plywood was slightly under 4' which left my panels hanging over the edges.  I decided to trim them down to fit and luckily I don't think it's going to be too noticeable once I'm all finished.

Oh and I also picked out some new sconces to put up on the vaulted ceiling wall! 

They look somewhat orange in the stock photo but in real life they are a nice weathered brown.  I thought about painting them white but I think I kind of like the idea of leaving them as is.  We shall see!
Alright one last look at how this room looked at the beginning of this challenge...

I know I haven't given you all many sneak peeks, but I promise you that this space has undergone some awesome changes and I am so excited to show them to you all next week!

Don't forget to take one last look at the other participants' spaces here before the big reveal!

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