Friday, March 16, 2018

Butterfly Themed Baby Shower

Happy Friday guys! Sorry for the late post again this week. I had all intention of getting this post up by Wednesday but I started feeling under the weather and that obviously just didn't happen!

But I am happy to report that I almost feeling 100% and I am excited to share some pictures from one of my best friends' baby shower that I hosted this past Saturday!

She's decorating the nursery in a butterfly theme so I thought that would also be such a fun theme for the shower. Plus a lot of the decor can be used in her room which is a major bonus!

So let's get to it!

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As guests walked in they were greeted with a spot to place their diaper raffle tickets.

I made a large floral initial out of a large cardboard letter, floral foam and some faux flowers. It was fairly simple but I plan on sharing a tutorial on the process so stay tuned for that!

I had a really hard time trying to think of a good prize for the raffle and scoured Pinterest for hours and still couldn't came up with anything that I really liked. Then one day I randomly thought about making a little coffee bar station!

It was simple and fun to put together and the winner was stoked to win it! I kept it on display under the table.

At the kitchen table I set some cards out to write a little note to the baby.

Guest wrote some sweet and funny things and I know that Mom will love being able to treasure these for years to come!

I spray painted some sticks white and used hot glue to attach some butterflIes that I made using this butterfly paper punch. They looked really pretty in this white pitcher and added a nice touch as you walked up.

I used a desk off of the kitchen to set up a little area for the cupcakes.

I hot glued paper butterflies to pieces of yarn that I had tied to a large stick that I painted white.

This was my most favorite spot by far!

I used some yarn to hang it from some existing nails that she had there and then made tissue paper pom-poms to hide the nails. I followed (this awesome tutorial).

They were a little tricky at first, but once I got the process down they were a breeze. I even had the hubby helping me out and between the two of us we busted them out in no time!

This was my first attempt at making fancy homemade cupcakes and I think they turned out pretty nice!

Yes, the butterflies were edible! I simply printed out a butterfly image, placed wax paper on top and then traced them with this candy melt bottle filled with pink candy melts.

I used a decorating bagwith the star tip from this kit to make the frosting look like a flower.  It was actually quite fun once I got used to using it!

For favors I was lucky that its Easter time because these pastel Easter Hershey Kisses went perfectly with the colors of the shower. Which made my heart happy because I'm weird like that haha.

I wrapped them up in some tulle cirlces and attached a little tag that I used the butterfly paper punch to cut out.

In the living room area where we gathered for games and presents I draped a tablecloth along the mantle and then added a yarn pom-pom garland with some clothes pinned baby socks.

Believe it or not the hubby actually made the pom-poms after I gave him a little demo. They are actually very simple to make--here's a good tutorial (we used a large wooden fork to make them larger).

And finally, the food!

I glued butterflies on these white paper lanterns and hung them above the island. They were such a fun touch and I knew that they would be perfect to use for the nursery later.

I went the simple route and set up a sandwich bar using sliced French bread, lunch meats, cheeses and various sandwich toppings.

Can we talk about how stinking cute the mini forks are??  I just love these!

For sides I made a pasta salad, deviled eggs, veggies with dip and mini fruit kabobs.

And pink lemonade just seemed perfect to have at a baby girl shower.  My trusty mason jar drink dispenser has been getting a lot of good use!

Everything paired together deliciously. Mom enjoyed a nice big plate (we just had to nuke the meat in the microwave to avoid listeria risks of course!)

It was such a special day and everyone had such a good time!

Alright everyone I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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