Tuesday, April 3, 2018

One Room Challenge (Week 1): Woodland Big Boy Room Plans

Oh happy day! It's the beginning of another One Room Challenge and I'm super eager to jump into this one!

This will be my fourth time participating in this crazy event.  It's held twice a year by Linda over at Calling It Home and designers have just six short weeks to complete an entire room makeover.

Sound crazy? That's because it is! It's a lot of work and just a tad bit stressful...ok very stressful! But I absolutely love having the support from the other participants and the motivation to keep chugging along in order to make the deadline.

As a quick recap, you may remember that for my very first challenge I chose to work on our master bedroom. I had the design that I wanted planned out for years I but could never pull myself together enough to tackle it.

Thanks to participating in the challenge I was finally able to take it from drab and kind of dark to bright farmhouse chic and I am truly amazed at what a difference my hard work made.

By the time the next season rolled around I decided to pretty up our master bathroom.

Just like the bedroom it seemed too dark and plain for me. I was so happy with the bright serene feeling that it had when I was done.

Finally, this past fall I actually had planned on sitting the season out. But since we were installing new floors on our main level I decided that our living room could use a nice refresh and I just couldn't resist jumping into the challenge once again!

Even though the change wasn't as big as my previous rooms, the board and batten, new coffee table, stenciled fireplace and other fun accessories that I added made the space feel much more sophisticated and overall more "me!"

With each room I faced different challenges, but in the end they all turned out more beautiful than I had ever imagined.

So I'm joining the One Room Challenge once again and this time I will be tackling Lucas' room.

With Tristan I had his big boy room done right around his 2nd birthday. But since I know that Lucas is my last baby I've been dragging my feet and holding on to his nursery for as long as possible!

You'll have to excuse the poor pictures!  I snapped these last minute towards the end of the day while the lighting was funky.  It will just make for even better before and after pictures though, right?

Since he has recently learned how to ninja his way out of his crib,  I've realized that it's time for mommy to let go of his nursery days and give him not only a bed for a big boy, but also a space that reflects his wild, animal and nature loving personality!

1. Woodland Bedding Set

We found a cool bed on Facebook marketplace last fall and it's been collecting dust in the garage for months just waiting for a new coat of paint. Since that will probably be the most time consuming project I plan to start on that first . Once it's done I'll dress it up with this adorable woodland themed bedding that I just ordered.

2. Bed Tent

I also want to do something fun above the bed so I am going to attempt a DIY version of this tent canopy that I saw on Restoration Hardware's website.

I actually searched high and low to see if they sell this item but I couldn't find it so I'm thinking that they just used it in the picture of the bed. It's just as well because I would have been tempted to buy it even though I can make my own for a fraction of what it would be priced at there!

3. Faux Wood Log Pillows

How stinking cute are these pillows? Amazon sells a pair of them for an awesome price so I know that these will be a must for either his bed or reading chair.

4. Fox Pillow

I love how vibrant and fun this fox pillow is and I know that Lucas would too!

5. Toy Box

For Tristan we actually made our own toy box (tutorial here) but since Amazon sells this one for under $80 I think that I am going to go the lazy route here. I know--very unlike me, right? Don't worry, it has a place for a cushion so I will DIY that for sure!

6. Lantern Lamp

I was searching everywhere for a cute woodland creature lamp but everything was either too baby or clashed with the bedding that I picked out. So when I found this cute lantern one I instantly fell in love with it.

7. Woodland Creature Fabric

Since I want the lamp to still have a fun whimsical vibe I plan on recovering the lamp shade in this fabric. I also want to use it on the toy box cushion.

8. Birch Rug

I searched high and low for the perfect sized and priced rug and finally stumbled upon this one. The birch trees are perfect for the woodland theme and I love the light neutral colors that will keep his room feeling open and airy.

9. Woodland Creatures D├ęcor

I've walked by this several times at Hobby Lobby and I think it would look awesome above the toy box.

10. Triangle Shelves

I've also seen these shelves at Hobby Lobby and since they resemble mountains I'm envisiining them as part of a gallery wall that I plan to put above his dresser. What I'll put inside through, I don't yet have a clue!

11. Planked Bear Wood Wall Art

I love the simplicity of this bear and it would look awesome as the central focus of the gallery wall, don't you think?

Some cute prints are also going to be a must. There are so many on Etsy that it's going to be quite hard to decide which ones to pick!

13. Birch Decals

Wall decals are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add interest to a kids room. I really like the idea of doing some birch trees behind his bed.

Alright my friends I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I'll be back here next week to share my progress that I've made.  Be sure to check out the amazing plans that the other participants have here!

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  1. I love the nature theme! Little outdoorsy details like this make me swoon. Especially the animal prints! I'm redoing a playroom that will also encompass some of these natural colors and textures. Can't wait to see how your space turns out.

    Happy decorating!


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