Thursday, May 31, 2018

DIY Shiplap On a Budget

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  Ours was filled with loads of fun, which was very much needed since it was the last one before the renovation work begins on the new house this weekend.

Yep, we are closing on our new home today!!  I should have some pics that I can share with you guys next week, so stay tuned for that!

As I was putting together my tutorial on my laminate floor installation a couple of weeks ago, I ran across several pictures that I had snapped of the shiplap that I installed at the same time and I realized that I never shared a tutorial on it!

It was such an affordable project that added such a huge impact to our main level and I can't wait to show you guys how simple it was.

Supplies Used: (Affiliate links may be provided for convenience.  For more info, see my full disclosure here.) 
We used to have small v-groove planks on our dining room wall.  Here's a fun oldie with the old floors and even the old chandelier.

I installed them during our first year of owning this home and although I was super proud of it initially, I started to crave thicker boards to look more like real shiplap.  

Well as luck would have it, while we were removing the baseboards to install the new floors we ended up having to take the bottom plank off.  

I took it as a sign that it was time to make my vision come to life, so the next day I decided to tear them all off!

You can see that I had attached the top couple of rows with Liquid Nails but I'm glad that I decided to switch to nails because it made ripping them all down much easier!

I began by painting the wall white so that the gray wall color wouldn't peek through the cracks.

I purchased a couple of 4' x 8' sheets of 1/4" underlayment from Lowes and had them rip them down into 8" strips.  Their saw usually leaves the edges pretty jagged so I ran some sandpaper along them to smooth them out.

We started at the top and used a level to make sure that the first plank was nice and straigh.  Luckily our ceiling line was level, but if you end up with a gap you can just use caulk to hide it later on.

Although you can't see it in the picture above, we used a stud finder to find the studs before we began and then drew a line all the way down the wall so that we could attach the planks directly to the studs.

We used  a nickel under either side of the plank to space the one below it.

You can go old school and just use a hammer and nails to attach the planks, however we borrowed an electric nail gun from a friend and it definitely made the process much simpler and quicker.

I filled nail holes with wood filler as we went.  I also filled the seams from where we had to piece together another plank, hoping that it would disguise them. However as you'll see later on I decided to just put 1x2 MDF strips over them since they were still pretty visible.

Whenever we encountered an obstacle like the thermostat box we used a jigsaw to measure and cut around it.

Also, for the outlet we unscrewed it a bit so that we could pull it out and rest the plank behind it like so:

After the wood filler was dry, I used my orbital sander to sand it all down.

Finally I gave the whole wall 3 coats of white paint.

Here is how it looks all finished up!

The wood orb chandelier pairs with the shiplap nicely and is still my favorite part about the whole space.  Don't worry, I already plan on buying another one for the new house!

I also framed out the themostat box with quarter round molding and framed the swamp cooler with 1x3 MDF to create a nice clean look.

The 1x2 MDF pieces that I added create some dimension to the space and also hide the seams from where we had to piece planks together as I mentioned previously.

Let's take a look at the difference one more time...

So much better!

Underlayment is super affordable (usually about $13 a sheet depending on where you live).  I purchased 3 of them and since I already had all of the other supplies on hand, this whole wall cost under $50.

I already have the perfect wall picked out in the new home to add shiplap to and am just itching to get started on it!

Have a wonderful rest of the week my friends, I'll be back next week!

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