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  1. Hi Angela,
    I wanted to post some comments on your first two blog posts but was having some trouble, so I'm using your contact :)
    The make over of your Kitchen is amazing! Everything looks beautiful! And your corner mud room area is adorable, I had no idea the made that stuff for the walls! Just great!
    I see you are a new blogger and I am as well (we both started last September) it's tough right!? It takes an insane amount of time to do all the social networking just to get followers! Never mind the actual posting on the blog!
    Anyway, feel free to stop by my blog anytime if you need some cheerleading. Are you on Instagram? I use that a lot.
    Karen @ Karen's Up on The Hill

  2. Thanks Karen! I really appreciate your kind words :) You are absolutely right, being a newbie blogger can be tough so it's nice to hear things like this!


I appreciate all of your wonderful comments :)