Friday, December 5, 2014

Dollar Store Decor

Happy Friday! I'm not afraid to admit that I am a total dollar store junkie, specifically the Dollar Tree. Love love luvvv that store! Seriously--it's like the greatest store ever opened. Since I also love decorating, it's no surprise that I find myself picking up a lot of my home items at the dollar store.

When I built my DIY Entry Table a few weeks ago, I made a trip to my Dollar Tree to find some items to decorate it with. I found some pretty neat things that I'm going to share today.

My favorite find was this set of frosted tea light holders. I really love the look of frosted glass--they're so pretty by themselves that they don't even really need tea lights in them. And the packaging was impressive too! This would make a really cute gift or shower prize.

I put two on the fireplace mantle and tucked the third one on this mirror above the entry table.

And they have tons of candles! The color selection isn't always huge but if you're like me and are all about neutrals it's the perfect place to pick up candles.

As a side note, I've recently realized what a candle addict I am. I'm pretty sure I have several in every room of the house. The funny thing is, I never light them--I just enjoy the way they look!

They also have an amazing assortment of glass candle holders and vases. You can even buy them in bulk from, which would be way awesome if you were planning a wedding or large party.

I picked up this little beauty and the white candle fit perfectly inside of it.

The ensamble now sits on the entry table. Actually, these were the only items I got that day that actually ended up on this table--I ended up finding a spot I liked better for the other things.

The round candle holder on the other side of the table was also from the dollar store. My son pulled the entire table down a couple weeks ago and it broke. Luckily he didn't get hurt--but it was still a very scary moment for this mama and now we always block the landing off so that he can't get near it.

Besides the candles that are in the candle aisle, they have some pretty ones in the air freshener section like this one. It smells yummy AND it's frosted glass! For ONE dollar guys!

I also got this tall vase, check out the pretty shape of it! It's surprising how well the quality of their glass really is too.

And although I think these are just seasonal, I found these gorgeous painted twigs. I got silver ones but they also had them in red, green and gold.

I painted the vase white in my Painted Vases tutorial, put the silver twigs in it and set it on a shelf by the TV.

The floral section also has a nice ribbon selection. I liked this natural fiber one a lot but still haven't figured out what to do with it yet. Story of my life haha--I'm constantly buying things because I fall in love with them before knowing what their purpose will be.

There you have it! For $7 I picked up some awesome finds for our home. They get new shipments on a regular basis so there's always something new every time I go in.

So if you have a new table or bookshelf that needs some decorating or if you simply want to do a little updating the dollar store is the cheapest place to start. If you go in with your creative cap on, you may be surprised what you can put together!

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  1. Love these ideas! I will be using some in the new year for sure since my resolution is to make my space look better but not spend a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This place is great if you're on a budget (as most of us are!) thanks for stopping by :)

  3. These are some great ideas! Will definitely have to try a few :)

  4. I love the Dollar Store too. I just bought some glittery snowflake ornaments and I was just really pleased with how sparkly and pretty they look on the tree!


  5. I recently have started to discover the gems that can be found at the dollar stores in my area. I like to stop in at least once a week! I can't wait to go see what I can find this week! Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Angela. I LOVE what you are doing! Fabulous ideas not only for your own home, but for gifts too. Thank you for linking up at the Wonderful Wed. Blog Hop through my blog. I featured you on my facebook and can't wait to see what you bring next week; I know it will be something fabulous!!! Carrie, A Mother's Shadow

  7. Thanks Carrie--I really appreciate that! :)

  8. Great finds! It looks like everything came together beautifully! I am also addicted to Dollar Tree, it's amazing how much you really can do with a little!

  9. I love finding things at the Dollar Tree too and I will have to look for those twigs!

  10. Elegant and budget friendly! Thank you for linking up last week at Creative Spark Link Party! Hope you stop by today to link up and enter our giveaway!

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