Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconces


Hi friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was busy but VERY productive! 

Last week in my One Room Challenge (Week 3) Update  I mentioned how much bigger this side of our room is starting to feel since I painted the dresser white.

Even though I was totally loving how bright it felt over here, I was craving some contrast to break it up a little bit.

I knew that I wanted some sort of matching sconces on either side and since I'm doing a rustic farmhouse theme I immediately thought of mason jars!

Supplies Used: (Affiliate links may be provided for convenience.  For more info, see my full disclosure here.) 
I began by laying out my 1x4 pieces to get a good idea of how long I wanted them.  I used some scrap wood so that I could visualize how it would look.

I ultimately ended up cutting the 1x4 into six 18" pieces and the 1x2 into four 10.5" pieces to make two sconces.

The hubby secured them with wood screws from the back and I stained them with my Rust-Oleum Wood Stain in Kona.

I love the color of this stain because there are no red undertones in it and it has great coverage, but it is really dark so I usually end up lightening it by doing a white wash over it (water with a little bit of white paint added).

I did several coats and used a rag to rub it in each time.

Once they were dry I further lightened them by dry brushing some white paint on them.  The key to dry brushing is to only use a little bit of paint on the brush and to wipe it dry on a rag before applying to the wood.

After attaching the hook to the top 1x2 they were ready for the hanging jars!

I went back and forth for days trying to decide if I wanted a simple hook or a more elaborate one and I am really happy with the simplicity of the cup hook.

I didn't take pictures of painting the mason jars, but I just applied one coat of dark gray acrylic paint topped with two coats of white paint. Once it was dry I used sandpaper to distress.

I'll get a picture of how they look paired on either side of the dresser during the big room reveal--you  know, once our room isn't a complete and total disaster!

See you all on Thursday for this week's One Room Challenge update! :)

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      1. It look beautiful and easy to do. Thanks for sharing your guide.

      2. This turned out so cute! Love the distressed wood and hook for your jar!

        1. Thanks! I am so glad I settled for the simple hook, I think it really allows you to focus on the jar more :)

      3. I love these!! We are about to purchase a log cabin and I have been searching and saving rustic decor like crazy. I will have to make some for my new house!!

        1. Thank you Sheena! I bet this would look fantastic in your cabin and they are so affordable to make :)

      4. This is not bad. Best idea to decorate your home entrance. It is easy and really beautiful. I am definitely going to try this.

      5. Love them! We would love to have you at our To Grandma's House we go wednesday link party!

        1. Thank you so much Tarahlynn! I will try to stop by sometime :)

      6. This is super cute. Thanks for sharing.

      7. These are lovely! Thank you for your tutorial.


      I appreciate all of your wonderful comments :)