Thursday, April 12, 2018

One Room Challenge (Week 2): A VERY Slow Start

Hello and welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge!

Last week I announced that I am going to be participating in this challenge once again to create a woodland themed big boy room for Lucas in just six short weeks.  In case you missed it, you can catch the plans that I have for the room in this post:

One Room Challenge (Week 1): Woodland Big Boy Room Plans

I wish I had some pretty pictures to share with you all but so far it's been a pretty slow start my friends.  Sadly I haven't gotten much done in the past week other than a couple of online orders and getting the paint on the bed.

Let's talk about the bed first.  The hubby found this awesome trundle bed on Facebook Marketplace last fall and it's been sitting in the garage accumulating dust.

Even though Lucas loves blue I've been itching to paint it gray since the day the hubby brought it home.  You know me and my neutrals!  (Don't worry, there will still be plenty amounts of blue in his room!)

Saturday morning while we were at Home Depot for the kids workshop that we do each month, I swung over to the paint aisle to pick out the paint.

 I compared about 10 different paint chips before finally deciding on the color Griege by Behr. 

It's a warm gray and I'm completely obsessed so with it! I mixed in a little bit of Plaster of Paris each time I poured it in the tray which makes it look like chalk paint without paying the chalk paint price!

But let me back up.

When we got home from Home Depot I was super eager to start my first coat but I quickly got frustrated by the lack of workspace that I had since our garage was an absolute mess.

I usually try to keep it somewhat under control most of the time but lately it's been overflowing with junk.  Junk that I kept telling myself that we would hold a yard sale for.  Well we finally had enough and spent most of the day cleaning it out. 

We did a deep clean with the shop vacuum and even took a whole car load of boxes to Goodwill.  It was overwhelming and exhausting but so empowering to feel like we have somewhat of a garage once again! 

Anyways since that took up most of the day I didn't get any painting done.  I did scrub it down with some Simple Green Saturday evening and stood it up so that I could get an idea of which areas needed paint and which could be skipped.

Sunday I finally got started on painting. The details are beautiful but were SUCH a pain in the butt to paint! I had to use a little art brush to paint in between these little squares.

And I had to brush the paint the in between the paneling since the roller wouldn't reach it.

Seriously, I don't think I have ever wanted a paint sprayer so bad.

But I powered through and finished up the second coat on Tuesday night.

Perdy isn't it?!

Last night I distressed it a little and added the first coat of varnish.  I will hopefully have the final coat done by this weekend because that's when we are picking up his mattress!

On Saturday after the garage ordeal we dragged our exhausted selves over to the furniture store so that Lucas could pick out his mattress.

He was immediately drawn to the king sized memory foam one.  In no time at all he had taken his shoes off, propped his head on the pillow, closed his eyes and even shouted "light off!"

It was so stinking adorable!  After a little bit of persuasion I finally got him to agree with me on a nice twin sized one.

Since he still occasionally wakes up with a leaky diaper I ordered this waterproof mattress protector.  It has received some awesome reviews so I have high hopes that this one works better than the one that I got for Tristan. 

I also ordered this gray toy box that I've had my eye on for the last couple of weeks.

This woodland creature fabric is also on it's way. I plan to use it to make a toy box cushion and also to recover the lampshade for a lamp that I ordered.

And finally this cute pillow hopped into my Amazon cart and I am super excited for it to arrive.
Well that's about all I got so far guys.   It could always be worse! I took today and tomorrow off from work to have some fun with the boys but I should be able to make some more progress during naptime.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!  I'll hopefully be back next week with some awesome updates (fingers crossed)!

Be sure to hop over here to check out how the other participants have progressed during the first week.  I'm interested to see if anyone else is feeling as behind as I am!

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