Thursday, October 27, 2016

One Room Challenge (Week 4): Swimming in DIY

Hello everyone and welcome to the week 4 update for the One Room Challenge!  It's starting to get down to the wire and I'm not going to lie--I'm starting to panic (just a little)! 

In case you missed anything you can catch up with the first 3 weeks here:

Week 1: Master Plans for our Master Bedroom
Week 2: Beauty and the Beast
Week 3: Starting to See it

Knocking out the big items like the Board and Batten Grid Wall, Upholstered Headboard and dresser definitely helped, but I underestimated how time consuming all of the little DIYs were going to be.

On Tuesday I shared how awesome my Mason Jar Sconces turned out (tutorial here)...

...but what I didn't share is that I also have what seems like a million more projects happening at the same time!

Last week I set myself a goal to finish making the following by the end of this past weekend:
  • Mason jar sconces
  • Framed full length mirror
  • Sunburst mirror
  • Curtain rods
I successfully checked off the first three items (yay me!!) but I'm still wrapping up the curtain rods as I start on this week's goals:
  • Nightstand makeover
  • Gallery wall
  • Nightstand and dresser decor
  • Laundry basket
  • Euro pillows
Eeeek!  What have I goten myself into??  Truthfully though, I must admit that I really do like having this deadline for myself so that it all gets done at once instead of stretching it out forever.

The hubby has been a real hero during the last few weeks and has put on his "crafty hat" even more than when we were making things for our wedding!

Each night after the boys go to bed we enjoy an episode of our show and then head out to the garage...

...which is total chaos right now.  I actually tidied it up after taking this picture because it was driving the neat freak in me totally crazy.  By the next evening it was already a mess again. Yea...

Speaking of messes--we finally tackled the mountain of clutter that we had taken out from under the bed when we replaced the frame. 

We went through and purged A LOT of it and reorganized what was left into these nifty little baskets I found at IKEA for only $2.50.

You can't beat that price!  They are pretty big and slide in and out from under the bed perfectly.
I'm not getting too excited though, we only got through about half of the clutter and still have to tackle organizing the nightstands once I am done with their little makeovers.
We did manage to step away for a nice little break on Saturday for an outing to the pumpkin patch.

We ran into traffic on the way up so it took us two hours to get there.  Which left us with a very cranky 3 year old and a super fussy 9 month old. They chilled out a little though, and all in all it was a pretty fun day.
My fingernails are covered in wood stain and paint on almost a daily basis and I feel like a walking hot mess--but it will all be worth it in the end!
Be sure to check out what the other guest participants are up to here.  I think everyone is really starting to feel that pressure with just two short weeks left until the big reveal.
See you all next week!

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