Thursday, November 3, 2016

One Room Challenge (Week 5): Wrapping it all Up!

Hello everyone--can you believe that we are already at week 5 of the One Room Challenge? I sure can't!

In case you missed a week you can find the previous updates here:

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Six weeks may sound like a long time on a normal scale but when you're talking about completing an entire room makeover, it isn't very long at all!

I mentioned last week that I was feeling super accomplished about all of the big things that I checked off from my list early on and just a teensy overwhelmed with how many little DIYs I had left.

On Tuesday I shared probably the most time consuming one, my sunburst mirror.

Even though it took a ton of patience, I am really happy with the way that it turned out and how much it adds to the room. 

It's probably one of the first things your eye sees when you walk in.

I'm also happy to report that all of the other little DIYs have been checked off the list and I even found time to give my IKEA nightstands a little makeover.

This is just the beginning--wait until you see how much different they look now!

We also built a massive hamper to try to keep the hubby's laundry situation in check.  Seriously--is it all guys or just mine that have an extremely hard time keeping up on their laundry??  (Love you honey...!)

We wanted industrial but cheap so ended up using this wire remesh sheet.  It doesn't look like much here, but I promise the end result is amazing.

Everything was coming together but there was just ONE little thing driving me nuts. 

I love it when a master bedroom has a beautiful bench at end of the bed.  In fact, when there isn't one, I just feel like something is missing.

So I added one last DIY to the list!  I just HAD to :)

I came up with a very simple and cheap design and on Saturday morning we headed to Lowes to pick up the supplies.

Tristan had a blast riding on the flatbed as usual...

We got to work that evening after the boys went to bed.

My husband is a building genius.  I would be so lost if it weren't for him finding a way to make all of my crazy designs come to life!

The bench itself and the top are all built and I'm just wrapping up with the finish now.

(wood filler master!!)
My last dilemma is my lamp situation.  I originally ordered these from Target:

But when I put my lampshades on them they didn't look right.  So I returned them for these:

They look super pretty online but in person they have kind of a red tone to them that I'm not digging and I've tried looking past it but can't.  I tried doing a whitewash over them but it won't take because of the protective finish on them.
So I'm on the search to find the perfect lamp.  Fingers crossed I find some by next week so that I can call this room 100% done!

Be sure to hop on over to check out the amazing progress being made on the other One Room Challenge participants here.  I am over the moon excited to check out everyone's big reveals next week!

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    1. Ohhhh I am loving that mirror! What a fantastic job you did...I want one too :) Best of luck with this final week...looking forward to seeing the final look! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

    2. Your efforts were not in vain. As a result, we have a perfectly decorated bedroom. The various decorated details give some comfort to this place.


    I appreciate all of your wonderful comments :)